Chyo Timothy Sung Jae, Kong Jian, Tennison Paul Joseph: A diesel engine exhaust aftertreatment system. Ford Global Tech, May 6, 2009: GB2454313-A

A diesel engine exhaust gas aftertreatment system is described. The system includes a heat transfer device 106 comprising a first side 106A and a second side 106B, a heater 108 downstream of the first side 106A of the heat transfer device 106, a filter 110 downstream of the heater 108 and an exhaust ...

Shang Jiayan, Song Fengxian, Kong Jian: Herbicide composition with cooperative effects. Science And Technology Development Center, Plant Protection Inst, Henan Agricul, nie mengmin, March 10, 1999: CN98113680

A synergistic phytocide composition especially suitable for peanut field is prepared from at least one of three herbiciding components and additive, and is in the form of three-element emulsified oil or wettable powder, and binary emulsified oil or wettable powder. It features simple formula, high e ...

Zhang Yuju, Song Fengxian, Kong Jian: Compounded herbicide of radoxone and atrazine. Science &Amp Techdevelopment Center, Plant Protection Inst, Henan Provincial Agri, nie mengmin, April 14, 1999: CN98113681

A compound herbicide in the form of emulsion, wettable powder and powder for corn field is prepared from two active components (atrazine and another one) and additive including disperser, wetter, stabilizer, dissolving aid and thickening agent, and features high effect on ephemeral weeds, high safet ...



Gu Weiyong, Kong Jian: Digital key phonetic transcription input method. Yiruan Science &Amp Technology, sun zhonggao, March 3, 2004: CN03132163

The input method includes selector key, assertion key and phonetic input keys composed of 26 letters setup on digit key 2 to digit key 9. Initial consonants and finals selected by the spelling input keys are displayed on spelling display place of display screen as well as a group of relevant single ...

Luo Caihong, Zhu Weifeng, Zheng Yan, Zhu Liping, Kong Jian, Wang Xinjun: Imidacloprid preparation and nonyl pheno ethoxylate use in said preparation. Shenzhen Nuopuxin Agrochemical, zhangquan wen, June 13, 2007: CN200610156925

The present invention relates to an imidacloprid preparation and application of nonylphenol polyoxyethylene ether in said imidacloprid preparation. The described pesticide includes surfactant and imidacloprid, their weight mixing ratio is 1:10-10:1. Said invention uses nonylphenol polyoxyethylene et ...

Luo Caihong, Zhu Weifeng, Zheng Yan, Zhu Liping, Kong Jian, Wang Xinjun: A compound pesticide. Shenzhen Noposion Agrochemical, zhangquan wen, May 16, 2007: CN200610156926

The invention relates to a composite drug, which comprises carbofuran and high-effect cypermethrin at 1:2-20:1. The invention can effectively kill pests.

Kong Jian, Jiang Xianmin, Huang Ying: Typhoid, paratyphoid ectoblast protein vaccine. Beijing Luzhu Biological Pharmaceutical, wang wei, February 14, 2007: CN200610111684

An outer membrane vaccine for preventing the infection of typhoid bacillus and paratyphoid bacillus A and B is disclosed. Its preparing process includes such steps as culturing said bacilli in culture liquid, getting their thallus, and preparing vaccine.

Wang Xinjun, Luo Caihong, Zhu Weifeng, Zheng Yan, Zhu Liping, Kong Jian: Composition with sterilizing function containing propiconazole and azaconazole. Nuopuxin Nonghua, Shenzhen, April 11, 2007: CN200610147120

The invention relates to a pesticide composition; it comprises tebuconazole and propiconazole, and is used in preventing and controlling agricultural disease. It is especially suitable for preventing and controlling melon powdery mildew and wheat powdery mildew.