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In a machine tool having a worktable feed mechanism of the type that a worktable is moved in a horizontal direction relative to a tool spindle along a pair of guideways in parallel with the horizontal direction, there is provided a cutting chips collection space formed between the pair of guideways ...

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There is disclosed a direct image printing plate for offset printing which comprises a water resistant support and an image receiving layer provided thereon which comprises an inorganic pigment and a mixed binder comprising a water-soluble high polymer compound and a synthetic high polymer latex. Th ...

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Disclosed is an electrophotographic offset master which contains sericite or sericite-containing inorganic pigment as pigment component in back coat layer. This offset master has no fogging on the photosensitive layer and thus causes no stains on printed copies.

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Provided is a highly reliable inverter-integrated electric compressor that is capable of suppressing electromagnetic noise interference from a power-system metal board on which a semiconductor switching devices are bare-mounted and preventing malfunction of the inverter device. In an inverter-integr ...

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A lens driving device 1 is provided, in which a spring 11 includes an outer ring portion 11b that is fixed to a body 5, an inner ring portion 11a that is fixed to a lens support 7, and an arm portion 11c that connects the outer ring portion 11b and the inner ring portion 11a, and the lens support 7 ...

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The present invention has an object to provide an integrated electric compressor further downsized. An inverter control apparatus comprises: a power board 16 converting a direct current supplied from a high voltage power supply to an alternating current and applying it to a motor; and a control circ ...

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The present invention has an object to provide an inverter system for a vehicle-mounted air conditioner that prevents noise from entering a control circuit and allows high speed communication. A motor control microcomputer 24 is isolated from a gate circuit 22, and communication therebetween is perf ...

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Novel tricyclic pyrimidine compounds and tricyclic pyridine compounds having JAK inhibitory activities are provided. A tricyclic heterocyclic compound represented by the formula (Ia): wherein the rings Aa and Ba, Xa, Ya, R1a, R2a, R3a, L1a L2a, L3a and na are as defined in the description.

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In an inverter in which noise reducing coils and a smoothing capacitor are provided on a power line to an inverter module to achieve a no-busbar configuration, simplification of the manufacturing process, reduction of the influence on the size of the inverter, enhanced noise reducing function, reduc ...

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A lens driving device, an autofocus camera and a camera-equipped mobile terminal are provided that can correct movement of a lens in an optical axis direction and tilt of an optical axis, and reduce the dimension thereof in the optical axis direction. The device includes: a lens support 5 for suppor ...