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An autonomous resource management method for improving performance of a system in which plurality of process units compete for resources. Previously determined allocation policies are stored in memory along with system status data, control data and an evalution of the effectiveness of the allocation ...

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Automatic layout planning without previously specifying place of each parts is made possible by utilizing groups of rules each comprising a condition section and a procedure section. An appropriate group of rules can be called from a knowledge base according to an intermediate layout plan generated ...

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The structure of a circuit which is given basic net data is stored as a pattern, the compliance of the basic net data with the pattern is checked by the separately prepared search function, and upon fulfillment of compliance the pattern is determined to exist within the circuit. The subcircuit to be ...

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A distance measuring device is provided that reduces the time required for a distance measurement without degrading accuracy of the measured value. The distance measuring device includes a reference signal oscillator (26) that generates a reference signal (K), a light source (20) that emits a distan ...

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A magneto-optical pickup apparatus includes an objective lens for focusing a laser beam emitted from a laser device onto a magneto-optical recording medium, driving coils, on which the objective lens is mounted, for driving the objective lens in focusing and tracking directions, and a plate arranged ...

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Disclosed is a urokinase preparation for oral administration which is effective for remedy of thrombosis such as cerebral thrombosis and cardiac infarction. This preparation comprises urokinase and, incorporated therein, an enzyme inhibitor.

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A puffer type gas circuit breaker in which a stationary arcing contact constituting the stationary part of a breaking unit is surrounded by an envelope including an annular shield element acting to relieve the electric field around the free end of the stationary arcing contact, and a gas passage ext ...

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The present invention provides an analog quantity display method of counting displacement of a probe disposed in contact with an object to be measured and analog-displaying the obtained count value by an analog display section as an analog quantity. If a peak value of the count value exceeds a possi ...

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An optical recording medium formed of a pre-grooved substrate provided with a recording layer formed on the groove, in which the groove has a shape to satisfy the condition I.sub.Gr /I.sub.0 .gtoreq.0.85, where I.sub.0 represents the reflected light quantity from the mirror surface and I.sub.Gr repr ...

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Metal pipes containing optical fibers are connected to each other directly or indirectly by use of a sleeve. In case of using the sleeve, the sleeve is connected at one end to one of the metal pipes, after the optical fibers are connected. Then, the sleeve is elongated by a predetermined length, so ...