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The inventive golf club comprises a head of a metal having a face and a flexural range, defined in the face, where the quantity of flexure in a direction perpendicular to the face is at least 45% of the maximum quantity of vertical flexure of the face. The flexural range is arranged in coincidence w ...

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A vehicle air conditioning system includes a space air conditioning unit for blowing conditioned air into a passenger compartment, a seat air conditioning unit for blowing air into a vehicle seat, and a control unit for controlling the space air conditioning unit and the seat air conditioning unit. ...

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A folding device contains a stationary part, a movable part disposed to be rotatable in flip-up (unfolding) and flip-down (folding) directions, a force-applying section disposed between the two parts, which urges the movable part in either direction according to a state of the movable part, a revers ...

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A metal wood club head of a hollow hull structure according to the present invention is such that the vertical difference between a maximum face part height (MFH) from a sole part (



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An apparatus includes an insulated first switching element and a capacitor which are connected in series between one of positive and negative main circuit wirings connected to an ungrounded power source and a ground potential section (vehicle body); a second switching element with one terminal there ...

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A number of embodiments of suspension systems for vehicles having at least two and, in all illustrated embodiments, four wheels, each of which is independently suspended by a respective shock absorber. The shock absorbers are generally conventional in nature but are interconnected by a system that i ...

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A two-way transmission system of the present invention is arranged in such a manner that, when a host-side controller confirms the receipt of an IN packet from a USB host, the host-side controller transfers the IN packet to a function-side controller, and receives a DATA packet from the function sid ...

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Provided is a communication system including a transmitter and a receiver which carry out communication by establishing connection of their plurality of communication layers. The transmitter generates a connection request containing a command and data required for connecting a number of contiguously ...