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An endoscope is provided that comprises an imaging device such as a micro-size video camera supported by a novel device-steering shaft assembly. The shaft assembly comprises a malleable or rigid shaft, an imaging device carrier releasably and pivotally supporting the imaging device at one end of the ...

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An endoscope for stereo-optically viewing an object comprises a tubular insertion portion characterized by a pair of adjacent asymmetric optical systems including a primary imaging channel and a secondary imaging channel. Associated with each channel is a solid state electronic imaging means positio ...

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An endoscope includes a hollow tube having a proximal end and a distal end, a window disposed in an aperture of the distal end of the tube, a lens disposed proximate the window in the distal end of the tube and a photodetector disposed proximate the objective lens in the distal end of the tube.

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A device for coupling a rigid surgical endoscope and a video camera has a compact, lightweight configuration which receives the endoscope without the conventional bulky endoscope eyepiece. The coupler has front and rear sections rotatable with respect to each other under a frictional drag to enable ...

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A method and apparatus are provided for correcting for optical misalignment of the dual (left and right) images produced by a stereo electronic endoscope, or of the corresponding dual images produced by coupling electronic imaging devices to each of two monocular teaching ports of a stereo optical e ...

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A surgical retractor assembly includes an elongated base bar, a first leg extending from the base bar and substantially normal thereto, a first gripper disposed on the first leg, a second leg mounted at a proximal end thereof on the base bar and extending parallel to the first leg, the second leg pr ...

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An endoscope includes a first tube having a proximal end and distal end, a second tube having a proximal end and distal end, and a control rod movably coupled to the first tube and secured to the second tube for allowing the second tube to be rotated out of lengthwise alignment with and axially mova ...

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An endoscope is provided that comprises a micro-size video camera, a flexible cable attached to the camera comprising fiber optical means for transmitting light to illuminate the site viewed by the camera and electrical conductors for transmitting electronic signals generated by the camera in respon ...

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An endoscope coupler includes a sealed chamber and a lens assembly longitudinally movable within the chamber for focusing an image to be received by a video camera. Spaced permanent drive magnets located exteriorly of the chamber are magnetically coupled with respective permanent driven magnets secu ...

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An improved endoscope assembly includes a quantity of optically transparent liquid filling the space between facing windows of adjoining mechanically and optically coupled components to eliminate fogging due to condensation and thereby provide improved image quality. One component includes a male co ...