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A temporarily saved band value management table for managing temporarily saved band value is provided, as is a band management table for managing empty band value in the storage device of an ATM exchange comprising a storage device, a control device, and the like. The control device selects a corres ...

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A method of cultivating floating animal cells, such as lymphocytic cells, medullary tumor cells, medullary tumor cells obtained by the cell fusion with other cells, lymphoma cells, leukemic cells, leukocytic cells, mastocarcinoma cells, liver cancer cells, etc., which comprises introducing a culture ...

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A pharmaceutical preparation of oral cavity administration, characterized by being a mixture of a pharmacologically active agent, a pharmaceutical carrier, and sodium polyacrylate, in conventional dosage form. It has advantages in that it adheres strongly to local site and dissolves gradually over a ...

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The present invention provides a bump bonding method that can prevent bumps from being inappropriately shaped. The bump bonding method comprises forming a gold ball (16) at the tip of a gold wire (1) that is inserted through a capillary (3), lowering the capillary (3) while using a displacement dete ...

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Solid electrolytic capacitors comprise a valve metal member having a dielectric film, with or without a conductive underlying layer, formed on the member, and a conductive polymer film formed on the layer. The conductive polymer film is formed by electrolytic polymerization of a polymerizable monome ...

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A semipermeable membrane made of a polyaryl ether sulfone comprised of recurring units represented by the general formula (I): ##STR1## wherein X, X', X" and X"' are non-dissociative substituents, and l, m, n and o are integers of from 0 to 4. The membrane, which is composed of a single continuous p ...

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A body temperature regulation system includes a discriminator which controls room temperature based on human body and room temperatures monitored by individual sensors. With this simple feedback system, the user can quickly fall asleep and reach a state of deep sleep.

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An A/D converter comprising a multiplexer for selecting one of multi-channel analog signals sequentially, an A/D converting circuit for converting a selected analog signal into digital data, a memory for storing converted data in certain address locations, and a control circuit operating on the mult ...