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An improved method of manufacturing a semiconductor accelerometer having a cantilevered beam is shown. In the fabricating process a semiconductor substrate is divided into p-type regions and n-type regions. The substrate is immersed into an electrochemical solution with a cathode and a suitable volt ...

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A pressure transducer is composed of a substrate, a pressure sensing diaphragm layer and a support layer interposed between the substrate and the diaphragm layer, and a transduction element for coverting a displacement of the diaphragm layer into an electric signal. The support layer has an opening ...

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A three-dimensional graphics display system jointly uses three-dimensional image representations and two-dimensional image representations, whereby the data processing amount can be effectively reduced. The data structure of the image data used in this system includes (a) three-dimensional polygon d ...

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A semi-conductor type accelerometer features the provision of four piezo resistors on the surface of a flexible beam which interconnects the main body portion with a weight or mass which is adapted to cause the beam to flex under the application of an accelerative force. The resistors are subject to ...

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There is disclosed a sheet handling apparatus capable of stapling discharged for example from a copying machine in which stapling operation is prohibited in certain cases, for example if the desired copy consists of one page only, or if the sheet folding is conducted defectively.

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An item data entry method by detecting a constituent element which represents an entry item from among received Internet documents, based on the document structure data of a document such as an HTML document containing the entry item key, comparing the entry item key of the detected entry item with ...

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A sheet stapler apparatus including a cartridge for containing a belt of connected staple wires, a movement confining device provided in the cartridge for confining movement of the staple wires, and a device for stapling sheet materials with the leading staple wire from the belt. A device feeds the ...

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A sheet stapling apparatus including a stapling device for stapling a set of sheets, a load detecting device for detecting a level of a load of the stapling device during a stapling operation, and a signal generating device for generating a signal when the load detected by the load detecting device ...

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A video signal processing apparatus for encoding video into binary signals employs dither coding. The apparatus comprises a device for setting a plural number of divided areas of an original image and a processing circuit for processing video signals corresponding to the respective divided areas usi ...

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A sheet sorting apparatus with a stapler, includes a plurality of bin trays, bin tray shifting device for moving the plurality of the bin trays stepwisely substantially in the vertical direction to oppose the respective bin trays to a sheet inlet of the sorting apparatus, while expanding the clearan ...