Yukinobu Hasegawa, Hiroyoshi Shimomura, Koichi Murai, Masatoshi Maruyama, Toyokichi Tange: Toner for developing an electrostatically charged image. Nippon Carbide Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha, Sherman & Shalloway, February 26, 1991: US04996127 (138 worldwide citation)

This invention provides a toner composed of associated particles of secondary particles comprising primary particles of a polymer having an acidic or basic polar group and particles of a coloring agent and optionally a charge controlling agent and a process for producing the toner. Preferably, the c ...

Koichi Murai, Toshiaki Kobayashi, Kango Fujitani: Process for preparing dibenzylidene sorbitols and dibenzylidene xylitols. New Japan Chemical, Larson and Taylor, January 31, 1984: US04429140 (34 worldwide citation)

A process for preparing dibenzylidene sorbitols or dibenzylidene xylitols by reacting sorbitol or xylitol with a substituted or unsubstituted benzaldehyde or alkyl acetal derivative thereof in the presence of an acid catalyst, a hydrophobic organic solvent and a water-soluble organic polar solvent, ...

Koichi Murai deceased, by Kei Takeda heir, by Kumi Fujimoto heir, by Rumi Emori heir, Hidekazu Nakagawa, Motohiko Otani, Yoshiaki Sakai, Hiroyuki Miura, Yutaka Tsujimoto, Kango Fujitani: Articles of natural cellulose fibers with improved deodorant properties and process for producing same. New Japan Chemical, Shikibo, Larson and Taylor, June 27, 1995: US05427844 (22 worldwide citation)

A yarn, cloth, woven fabric, knitted fabric or nonwoven fabric composed of natural cellulose fibers, each fiber having incorporated therein a water-insoluble inorganic metal compound, and each fiber having at least one cured polycarboxylic acid combined therewith, said polycarboxylic acid being one ...

Masahiko Sagane, Koichi Murai: Semi-solid emulsion coating composition. Kansai Paint Company, Wigman & Cohen, May 11, 1976: US03955997 (17 worldwide citation)

A semi-solid emulsion coating composition which is shapable and fluidizable under shear when contacted to the surface of an article to be coated, and comprising at least an aqueous emulsion; a water-soluble organic solvent; a thixotropy imparting material selected from hydrogenated castor oil and co ...

Toshiaki Kobayashi, Shizuo Terasawa, Giichi Akazome, Koichi Murai: Foam fire-extinguishing composition. New Japan Chemical, Larson and Taylor, June 10, 1986: US04594167 (7 worldwide citation)

This invention provides a foam fire-extinguishing composition containing (a) dibenzylidene sorbitol, dibenzylidene xylitol or the derivative thereof substituted at the nucleus, (b) a surfactant, (c) a stabilizer, (d) a polar organic solvent and (e) water. The composition of the present invention is ...

Yukihiko Yamaguchi, Koichi Murai: Apparatus and method for inspecting light transmittable material. Fuji Photo Film, Sughrue Mion PLLC, May 24, 2005: US06897958 (1 worldwide citation)

In an inspection device, an inspection light projector and an auxiliary light emitter respectively project an inspection light and auxiliary light onto a position of a filmstrip. After transmitting the filmstrip, the inspection light is received by a defect detector. When receiving the inspection li ...





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