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A picture processing apparatus for use in recognizing an ambient environment as a picture in accordance with the invention, includes a picture input for receiving a distorted picture of a wide angle of view, a picture processing unit which corrects the distorted picture of the wide angle of view fro ...

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In a navigation apparatus for guiding a mobile system along a predetermined path, an image obtained by measuring an actual environment is compared with a predicted image stored in advance, and a guidance signal is delivered to the mobile system on the basis of the comparison of the images.

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A control system for an air conditioner having detectors for detecting at least the radiation temperature in a room or controlled space, a device for setting a desired room air parameter in response to the detected radiation temperature, and a controller for controlling the air conditioner in accord ...

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An actuator including a plurality of shape memory materials used as a drive source. The plurality of the shape memory materials being arranged in parallel between a stationary member and a movable member so as to enable the actuator to operate at high speed.

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A vehicle driving support system is provided with an environment detecting means for detecting objects existing around a vehicle and for producing output environment information, a command unit to specify a running mode of the vehicle, information processing means for generating driving operation re ...

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This invention relates to a remote control apparatus. Guidance-control equipment and a control apparatus are installed at a site of a work at which the operation object is positioned. An input apparatus including a program input apparatus for inputting a work program determining the operation of an ...

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In processing topographical information necessary for the traveling of a robot or the like furnished with an automatic traveling function; topography is predicted from the topographical information previously given, so as to prepare a predictive image, a difference image between the predictive image ...

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Tactile sensing apparatus for detecting a tactile sense with an object to-be-handled, comprising a plurality of pressure sensing devices, a processor which processes outputs of the pressure sensing devices, and a touch device which contacts with the respective pressure sensing devices in common, whe ...

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In force sensing apparatus for a driving device which employs a shape memory alloy, note is taken of the fact that a force to be generated by the shape memory alloy varies depending upon the temperature or resistance and the displacement of the shape memory alloy, and force information on an output ...

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The present invention consists of comparing a feature pattern extracted from an actual observed image and the prediction pattern of an environmental object predicted in relation to the positional information of a mobile object and finding the difference between both the patterns and then guiding and ...