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Disclosed is a fluid container having a flexible bag containing a diluent and having a closing film at its upper end, a capsule connected to the flexible bag, a drug container held in the capsule and a communicating member for communicating the flexible bag with the drug container. The communicating ...

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A dental irrigation needle includes a hub engagable with a syringe and a cannula having one closed end and another end fitted to the hub, the cannula being formed of a freely bendable material such as annealed stainless steel. One or more nozzle orifices are formed in a lateral wall of the cannula a ...

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A box for disposing of used injection needles comprising a case having an opening whereinto a tip portion of a syringe is inserted, a movable member, and a fixed member, both members being arranged in the case. A hub of an injection needle inserted through the opening of the case is firmly held by h ...