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An improved method for dehydration and concentration of an aqueous solution containing an organic compound is disclosed. The solution is evaporated to produce a gaseous mixture comprising an organic compound vapor and a water vapor. The water vapor is selectively removed from the gaseous mixture by ...

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A lower alcohol, for example, ethyl alcohol, is recovered from a reaction mixture resulted from a reaction of catechol with a lower alcohol in such a manner that the reaction mixture is distilled and separated into a distilled light vapor fraction comprising non-reacted lower alcohol and water and a ...

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A purpose of this invention is to provide a vapor drier which can continue a process to dry efficiently objects in an extremely clean condition for a long time. A vapor drier of this invention comprises a circulating/dehydrating/refining means for refining said volatile processing liquid stored in s ...

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A process for the mutual separation of volatile components in a mixture comprising at least two volatile components, comprising the steps of: (1) heating a starting liquid comprising at least two volatile components to vaporize the starting liquid and form a vapor mixture comprising the volatile com ...

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Described is a process for producing 1,2-epoxy-5,9-cyclododecadiene, which comprises bringing 1,5,9-cyclododecatriene into contact with hydrogen peroxide in the presence of a carboxylic acid having an acid dissociation constant K at 25° C. of 5.0×10

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1,2-epoxy-5,9-cyclododecadiene is produced with a high selectivity thereto by epoxidizing 1,5,9-cyclododecatriene in a continuous multi-stage oxidation apparatus having a plurality of reactors connected to each other in series in such a manner that (1) in a first reactor, 1,5,9-cyclododecatriene, hy ...

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The process of priparing an industring an industrial catalyst is following: A five valence vanadium compound is reduced into a low valent compound in poresence of a reducing material and a solvent. A solution of the vanadium compound mixes with ammonium salts of sylfuric or sulfur-oxygen-cotg acid, ...