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A nitrogen oxides decreasing combustion method which comprises; a first step of mixing a fuel and air with each other; a second step of bringing the mixture obtained in the the first step, into contact with a packed catalyst so as to cause a portion of the mixture to burn only through a catalytic re ...


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A gas turbine combustor includes a main body (20, 22) with a combustion portion (22a) into which mixture of fuel and air is supplied. The gas mixture is burned through a catalytic reaction at a catalyst body (38) arranged in the main body. The gas mixture passed through the catalyst body is introduc ...

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1,165,679. Fuel cell system. TOKYO SHIBAURA ELECTRIC CO. Ltd. 10 Oct., 1967 [12 Oct., 1966 (2)], No. 46187/67. Heading H1B. [Also in Division C1] A fuel cell system comprises a hydrogen generator 16 which comprises means for catalytic decomposition of MeOH, means for separating H 2 from CO produced ...