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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a method to monitor the charging state in a battery pack of a hybrid vehicle.SOLUTION: This method comprises a step 30 of deciding measurement values of the charging state based on the Coulombic integral of the battery, a step 32 of deciding the measurement value of ...

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A refresh control system that selectively initiates a refresh charge cycle includes an energy storage device and an electric machine that is operable to charge the energy storage device. A control module monitors a usage period of the energy storage device and determines a bias factor. The control m ...

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Methods and systems for determining a state of charge of a battery exhibiting a transient response are provided. At least one property of the battery is measured. The state of charge of the battery isdetermined based on the at least one measured property and a transient response of the battery.

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A method of battery state of charge estimation considering battery hysteresis includes using a Preisach-model-based algorithm to calculate a battery state of charge.

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A method for determining a diffusion voltage in an electrochemical cell (e.g., a battery used in connection with an automotive vehicle) includes estimating a previous diffusion voltage, calculating a new diffusion voltage using an equation based on a diffusion circuit model and the previous diffusio ...

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A method for estimating the capacity of a vehicle battery while in service is related. The method includes providing a previous battery state-of-charge, battery temperature and integrated battery current amp-hours, and determining that battery contactors have been closed after they have been opened ...

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A method of determining a state of health of a battery in real time includes estimating a parameter value associated with the state of health of the battery and determining one or more of a terminal voltage, an accumulated charge, a state of charge, and a temperature of the battery. The method furth ...

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A system and method for estimating internal parameters of a lithium-ion battery to provide a reliable battery state-of-charge estimate. The method uses a two RC-pair equivalent battery circuit model to estimate the battery parameters, including a battery open circuit voltage, an ohmic resistance, a ...

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A method and device for reporting the characteristics of an energy storage system. The method comprises acquiring the open circuit voltage. The method also comprises providing a coulomb capability and a coulomb capacity of the energy storage system based on the open circuit voltage, and determining ...

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A system and method for determining whether an onboard estimation process, such as a recursive least squares regression process, can effectively calculate the state-of-charge of a battery. The method includes defining a current sample time and a previous sample time and measuring the battery current ...