Robert W Schumann, Siu Leong Iu, Kobad Bugwadia, Guillaume Mercier, Shiva Ramadoss, Michael Bergeron, Jack Ehrhardt: System and methodology for tracing to a source of unauthorized copying of prerecorded proprietary material, such as movies. Digital Video Express, McDermott Will & Emery, September 4, 2001: US06285774 (205 worldwide citation)

To enable the source of an unauthorized copy of an information-bearing medium, such as a video DVD, to be traced, a compressed digital signal stream to be stored on the medium is altered to include “running marks,” that comprise pixel blocks changing in position frame by frame and encoded with infor ...

Kobad Bugwadia, Eric D Petajan, Narindra N Puri: Motion compensation image interpolation—frame rate conversion for HDTV. Lucent Technologies, May 8, 2001: US06229570 (41 worldwide citation)

A process for up-converting an existing video source signal having a low frequency (frames/second) to a high frequency signal for use with High Definition Television (HDTV). The process samples the existing frames in the existing video signal and calculates integer displacements of pels within the e ...

Siu Leong Iu, Malcom Davis, Hui Luo, Yun Ting Lin, Guillaume Mercier, Kobad Bugwadia: Watermarking system and methodology for digital multimedia content. Google, Young Basile Hanlon & MacFarlane P C, September 17, 2013: US08538886 (3 worldwide citation)

An open digital watermark system and methodology having various features for unifying watermark production and processing among diverse user multimedia terminals (112), such as set top box, that may be OPIMA compliant. In accordance with specific aspects, intentional image warping is employed to com ...

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