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An ultrasonic resonant vibrator comprising an ultrasonic vibration magnetostrictive transducer (1) and a resonant member (2,3) having a proximal end and a distal end for transmitting ultrasonic vibrations to an operating member (3) which is part of the resonant structure. The vibrator comprises an i ...

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Eddy current devices are used to measure the amplitude and/or direction of various components of a vibrating body as a result of an acoustic signal applied thereto. These devices are also used to measure the power transmitted by said acoustic signal to a load which is coupled to the vibrating body.

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960,453. Drilling; machine-tool details. CAVITRON ULTRASONICS Inc. April 24, 1961, No. 14709/61. Headings B3B and B3C. [Also in Divisions A5, F2 and H4] A high-speed drill 39 or like worktool is frictionally driven from a driving member 4, the driving surface of which moves in a circular or elliptic ...

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IMPROVED RESONATOR FOR SURGICAL HANDPIECE AbstractAn ultrasonic resonant vibrator comprising anultrasonic vibration magnetostrictive transducer and aresonant member having a proximal end and a distal endfor transmitting ultrasonic vibrations to an operatingmember which is part of the resonant struct ...