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An engine control system comprises a pedal torque determination module, a driver interpretation module, and an actuation module. The pedal torque determination module determines a zero pedal torque based on a desired engine torque at a zero accelerator pedal position and a minimum torque limit for a ...

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Engine control apparatus includes, but is not limited to a determining device for determining whether or not the engine is operated under predetermined deceleration operating conditions or predetermined acceleration operating conditions and for individually deactivating two or more cylinders in a di ...

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A control system for an engine of a vehicle includes a requested torque module that determines a first requested torque based on an accelerator pedal position and a current engine torque output capacity. An accelerator effective position module determines an accelerator effective position based on a ...

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An engine control system includes a power module, an air flow module, a torque estimation module, and an air control module. The power module determines a power-based torque based on a desired engine speed. The air flow module determines an air flow value based on the power-based torque. The torque ...

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A barrier discharge device (4a, 4b, 4c) installed in a vacuum chamber (1) consists essentially of at least two facing electrodes (20, 22); a dielectric (22) situated between the electrodes (20, 22) and in the immediate proximity of one of these electrodes (20); and a power source (26), which is conn ...

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A device for the treatment of a flowing gas, such as an exhaust gas, includes at least one pair of smooth electrodes that are arranged opposite each other so that they form between them a discharge space through which a gas flows. For each pair of electrodes, at least one electrode is coated with a ...

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An engine control system includes a spark bound module that determines a bounded spark value based on a desired spark value, a torque bound module that determines a bounded torque value based on the bounded spark value and a desired torque value, and an inverse torque calculation module that determi ...

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Process and device for operating an internal combustion engine with less pollutant emission, whose exhaust gas is subjected to an electrical aftertreatment during engine operation to convert pollutants, the emissions of which are measured.

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A prediction module, based on a set of possible target values for M future times and a model of an engine, determines predicted torques of the engine for the M future times, respectively. M is an integer greater than one. A cost module determines a cost for the set of possible target values based on ...

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An engine control method includes: generating a torque request for an engine based on a driver input; and based on the torque request, controlling: opening of a wastegate of a turbocharger; opening of a throttle valve based on the torque request; and an intake valve phaser and an exhaust valve phase ...