Klaus Kleine, David C Gale: Fabrication of an implantable medical device with a modified laser beam. Squire Sanders & Dempsey, July 5, 2007: US20070151961-A1

Embodiments of methods and systems for laser machining a substrate in the fabrication of an implantable medical device are disclosed.

Klaus Kleine, William Jason Fox, Scott Palley: Pulsed Synchronized Laser Cutting of Stents. Fulwider Patton, October 4, 2007: US20070228023-A1

A system for pulsed synchronized laser cutting of stents and/or other medical products includes a numerical controller and a machine for moving a tube of material during cutting. A pulsed fiber laser is configured to cut the tube into, for example, a stent, the numerical controller being in communic ...


David C Gale, Klaus Kleine, Anthony J Abbate, Svava Maria Atladottir, Bin Huang: Stent-catheter assembly with a releasable connection for stent retention. Squire Sanders & Dempsey, March 2, 2006: US20060047336-A1

Medical assemblies with a releasable connection and methods of constructing such medical assemblies are disclosed. The medical assemblies generally comprise a stent, a catheter assembly having catheter body a balloon, and a releasable connection between the stent and the catheter assembly that relea ...

Klaus Kleine, David C Gale, Fozan El Nounou, Syed FA Hossainy, Florian Ludwig: Drug delivery spiral coil construct. Squire Sanders & Dempsey, December 6, 2007: US20070282425-A1

An implantable medical device is disclosed having a helical construct including a set of spiral coils for local in vivo application of a therapeutic substance in a biological lumen. The helical construct is configured to apply less than 0.75 Bar of pressure to the biological lumen wall. The helical ...

Klaus Kleine, David C Gale: Method of fabricating a stent with features by blow molding. Squire Sanders & Dempsey, January 3, 2008: US20080001333-A1

The invention provides a method of manufacturing a stent, the method comprising: disposing a polymeric tube into a cylindrical mold, the cylindrical mold having a variable diameter along a portion of the inside surface of the mold; radially expanding the tube by blowing a gas or liquid into the cyli ...

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A method including introducing an expandable body into a blood vessel at a point coextensive with a vulnerable plaque lesion, and expanding the expandable body from a first diameter to a different second diameter sufficient to modify the shape of an inner diameter of the blood vessel at the point co ...

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Medical implants containing a temporary plasticizer, methods of producing such implants, and methods of using the implants in treating a disease, or ameliorating one or more symptoms thereof, in a subject are provided.

Bin Huang, Klaus Kleine, David C Gale: In-vivo radial orientation of a polymeric implantable medical device. Squire Sanders & Dempsey, October 5, 2006: US20060224226-A1

A method and system for treating a bodily lumen with an implantable medical device, such as a stent, are disclosed. The device may be disposed within a bodily lumen and radially expanded by circumferentially deforming a tube-like section of the device. The deforming section may expand the lumen and ...

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A stent having a stent pattern including a plurality of cylindrical rings, each ring including a plurality of diamond-shaped cells having four curved elements defining apices of the diamond-shaped cells is disclosed herein.