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A method and apparatus for forming slabs and shaped bars of food material such as fish or meat. The material is extruded at a very high pressure while deep frozen and via an extrusion nozzle which is shaped to build up back pressure to improve uniformity of extrusion.


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The invention relates to a connecting piece for connecting to an electrode line and to an electric implant, whereby the connecting piece has an electrically conducting plug module, multiple ring-shaped electrically conducting contacts with insulation sections having the same outside diameter arrange ...

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Implantable electrode lead for stimulation in or on the heart, comprising a body having an insulating and sealing outer surface, at least one electrical connection between an outwardly electrically active region having a connecting unit for the electrical connection to a cardiac pacemaker, cardiover ...


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A terminal part for an electrode line for connection to an implantable heart stimulator, the terminal part having multiple annular, electrically conductive contacts of equal external diameter having insulation sections of the same external diameter situated between them in the longitudinal direction ...

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A device for the in vivo determination of the blood flow rate in a patient's blood vessel includes a microelectrode arrangement provided for placement in the blood vessel, an electrical power source which provides excitation energy having physiologically harmless parameters for obtaining a measured ...

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An implantable electrode lead for transmitting electrical impulses to excitable bodily tissue and/or for transmitting electrical signals tapped at bodily tissue to a detection unit. The electrode lead including a distal electrode, a proximal electrode connector, and an electrode supply lead which co ...

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Implantable shock electrode line having a proximal end for connection to an implantable device which generates shock pulses, and a distal segment which has a shock electrode, wherein an area ratio of the shock electrode area to the surface area of the shock electrode line is not constant over the lo ...

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An adapter for mechanically/electrically connecting an implantable electrode, via the proximal connector thereof including at least one connecting contact for the electrode, to at least one test terminal contact of a measuring device, includes an electrically insulating adapter housing, a connector ...