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A well completion apparatus disposed in a wellbore having first and second tubings and a tool disposed in the second tubing. An inductive coupler has a male coil located in the first tubing and is configured to receive an input signal. A female coil in the inductive coupler is attached to the first ...

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An apparatus for releasably coupling a perforating gun to a string includes a tubular member to couple the perforating gun to the string and a latch. The latch connects the perforating gun to the tubular member before detonation of the perforating gun. In response to the detonation of the perforatin ...

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An automatic tubing release mechanism is adapted to be disposed in a wellbore between a tubing, on one end, and a perforating gun, on the other end. The release mechanism includes a frangible breakup tube, firing head positioned above the breakup tube, and the perforating gun positioned below the br ...

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A technique is provided to isolate regions of a wellbore. The technique utilizes a swellable material packer that comprises a layer of swellable material disposed about a tubular member of a completion. When the layer is exposed to a substance that induces swelling of the swellable material, the lay ...

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An exploding foil bubble activated detonator, adapted for use in a perforating gun, includes an exploding foil, the exploding foil including as neck section which vaporizes when a current of sufficient magnitude and duration flows therethrough, a layer of polyimide material deposited over said foil, ...

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A subsea communication system includes addressable nodes in a wellbore and addressable nodes on a floor, where the nodes in the wellbore and on the floor are able to communicate wirelessly with each other, such as through a formation.

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An apparatus for positioning a tool, such as a perforating gun, in a wellbore to orient the tool in a desired direction. An anchor having a first reference terminal is set in the wellbore, the first reference terminal pointing in a known direction. A second reference terminal is attached to the tool ...

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A new method of standalone perforating comprises the steps of lowering a perforator part-way into a borehole on a tubing string; when perforating is desired, connecting a wireline to the perforator; disconnecting the perforator from the tubing string; lowering the perforator into the borehole to the ...

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A tool for performing a downhole function in a horizontal or highly deviated well has a downhole structure with a longitudinal axis and constructed to turn about the axis in response to a moment applied about the axis. The structure includes at least one ballast chamber containing a flowable inert b ...

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A downhole valve is disclosed for use in a tubing-conveyed string of tools in a well bore, constructed to be actuated to open under pressure forces by dropping a drop bar from the well surface through the tubing. The valve, deployed in the well in a closed condition, has a frangible member arranged ...