Yasushi Kodama, Kiyoshi Okugami, Hitoshi Muroi, Atsuhiro Yamamoto: Aqueous resin dispersion. Toyo Ink Manufacturing, Bucknam and Archer, April 1, 1986: US04579888 (36 worldwide citation)

An aqueous resin dispersion prepared by dispersing in an aqueous medium in the presence of ammonia or an amine a composite resin composition comprising carboxylic groups in an excessive amount and a reaction product obtained by at least partially reacting a specific acrylic resin (A), a specific aro ...

Hiroo Suzuki, Tadashi Kuno, Yasuo Yoshimura, Kiyoshi Okugami, Hisashi Hotta, Shinya Otsuka: Aqueous coating resin composition. Toyo Ink Manufacturing Co, Toyo Seikan Kaisha, Sherman & Shalloway, July 3, 1984: US04458040 (19 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is an aqueous coating resin composition to be applied to a metal substrate, particularly an inner surface of a metal can or can closure on which an undercoating layer is formed. This coating composition comprises an aqueous dispersion of a self-emulsifiable resin composition being obtained ...

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