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Disclosed is an aqueous ink composition useful for ink jet printing, which comprises 2-12 wt % of a water soluble dye, 35-80 wt % of a polyhydric alcohol having 2-6 carbon atoms.

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A sealed switch has a vessel defining therein a hermetically sealed space which receives a pair of fixed contacts and a movable contact bridging the fixed contact. The movable contact is movable between an ON-position of closing with the fixed contact and an OFF-position of separating from the fixed ...

Takeshi Yamamoto, Kiyoshi Goto, Masafumi Uehara: Photosensitive compositions. Konishiroku Photo, Frishauf Holtz Goodman & Woodward, October 16, 1984: US04477553 (33 worldwide citation)

There is disclosed a photosensitive composition comprising an o-quinonediazide compound and, as a binder resin, a resin containing in the molecule the unit represented by the following formula ##STR1## wherein R.sub.1, R.sub.2, R.sub.3 and R.sub.4 have the same meanings as defined in the specificati ...

Takeshi Yamamoto, Kiyoshi Goto, Yoshio Kurita, Noriyasu Kita, Naoshi Kunieda: Process of developing posi-type lithographic printing plate with inorganic alkali solution. Konishiroku Photo, Frishauf Holtz Goodman & Woodward, August 21, 1984: US04467027 (22 worldwide citation)

A developer composition of an alkaline aqueous solution containing a reducing inorganic salt, typically an alkali metal salt of sulfurous acid such as sodium sulfite, is found to be applicable for development of a lithographic printing plate material containing a photosensitive o-quinonediazide comp ...

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A photosensitive lithographic printing plate comprises a conductive support and provided thereon, a photoconductive layer of a composition comprising a photoconductor and an esterified compound of o-naphtho-quinonediazide sulfonic acid with a phenol resin, the phenol resin being a polycondensation c ...

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Control units are provided associative with forward and inverse converters in a multiterminal DC power transmission system, respectively. The control units set different constant voltages in the converters. Further, the minimum value of the constant voltage set values in the forward converters is se ...

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Curable coating compositions particularly suitable as a vehicle for printing inks, comprising a resin obtained by esterifying with acrylic or methacrylic acid a hydroxyl group-containing resin prepared either by reacting ingredients (A) and (B) to form a reaction mixture which is then reacted with i ...

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Ultraviolet light curable coating compositions comprising (1) a monomer and/or prepolymer containing at least one radically crosslinkable ethylenically unsaturated double bond and (2) a photopolymerization initiator containing (a) 4,4'-bis(diethylamino)benzophenone and (b) a lower alkyl ester of p- ...

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The invention provides a light-sensitive lithographic printing plate containing a light-sensitive composition which has a different degree of solubility in an exposed area of said printing plate than in an unexposed area of said printing plate when said printing plate is developed in a developing so ...

Takeshi Yamamoto, Kiyoshi Goto: Photosensitive composition and article with o-quinone diazide and 6-membered cyclic acid-anhydride. Konishiroku Photo, Jordan B Bierman, Linda Bierman, April 10, 1984: US04442195 (12 worldwide citation)

A photosensitive composition for making lithographic printing plate and for use as a photoresist material which comprises a photosensitive o-quinone diazide compound, an alkali-soluble resin, and 0.5 to 20% by weight 6-membered cyclic acid anhydride.