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A novel propylene elastomer having such characteristics that: (1) it is composed of 50-95 mole % of units derived from propylene and 50-5 mole % of units derived from 1-butene, (2) it has a triad tracticity (mm faction) of at least 90 % as determined by C-NMR spectrometry (in hexachlorobutadiene usi ...

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The polycarbonate of the invention includes ones based on sucrose, oligosaccharides other than it, and monosaccharides each having a specified cyclic structure; ones derived from specified saccharides not containing any cyclic structure; ones having a skeleton of pentaerythritol, neopentyl glycol or ...

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A process for preparing a cyclic carbonate, which comprises reacting at least one 1,3-diol or 1,2-diol with a dialkylcarbonate in the presence of a basic catalyst.