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A device for interventional surgical or medical procedures is presented. The device is generally in the form of a balloon and is used to position itself or other working elements up against or through lumen walls in the body. The balloon is comprised of at least two materials of different elastic mo ...

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A bistable microvalve of shape memory material is operatively connected to a microcatheter. The bistable microvalve includes a tip that can be closed off until it is in the desired position. Once it is in position it can opened and closed. The system uses heat and pressure to open and close the micr ...

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Electroporation of cells in target tissues is performed using microneedles having integral electrode structures. In a first embodiment, a pair of electrode structures are disposed on opposite sides of a substance delivery opening on a needle or other tissue-penetrating shaft. In a second embodiment, ...

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Methods and systems for treating patients suffering from or at risk of cardiac arrhythmias rely on the injection of amiodarone and other class III anti-arrhythmic drugs into the perivascular space surrounding a cardiac blood vessel. Injection may be achieved using intravascular catheters which advan ...

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Luminal diseases are treated by injecting palliative agents into tissue surrounding a target body lumen. A needle catheter may be placed in the target lumen and used to deliver the agent.

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A method of interventional surgery is described. The method may include inserting an actuator within a body of a vascularized organism and positioning the actuator adjacent a target region within a vessel of the body. The actuator is operated to cause a needle thereof to move in a substantially perp ...

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An actuator for an interventional surgical procedure is described. The actuator may include an actuator body having a distal end and a proximal end. A central expandable section is located between the distal end and the proximal end. The expandable section is operable between an unactuated condition ...

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A torque mechanism for interventional catheters provides direct control over rotary positioning of the distal end of a catheter by rotating a proximal handle of the catheter. The torque mechanism comprises a stiff tube within and running the length of a flexible catheter body tube. The stiff tube is ...

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An aspiration baffle comprises an outer tube and an inner core wire. Microholes are provided in the outer tubular member to permit passage of gas but inhibit the passage of liquids. The aspiration baffle is used in a catheter having a balloon or other inflatable structure to assist in priming of the ...

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Methods and kits for delivering pharmaceutical agents to the adventitia and other regions outside the external elastic lamina (EEL) surrounding a blood vessel utilize a catheter having a needle. The needle is positioned in up to 5 mm beyond the EEL and delivers an amount of pharmaceutical agent suff ...