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Emulsion polymers produced by polymerizing ethylenically unsaturated monomers in an aqueous medium can be substantially improved by incorporating into the monomer mixture a minor amount of blend of epoxy resin and glycidyl acrylate. The epoxy modified emulsion polymers are particularly useful as amb ...

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An improved two-step process for producing bimodal emulsion polymer particles includes the steps of first providing uniform size polymer particles in the first stage by feeding monomers to the reaction mixture at a rate faster than the rate the monomers polymerize, and followed by a controlled secon ...

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The process comprises polymerizing monomers, especially including methacrylic monomer, in the presence of azo catalyst and between 0.0001% and 0.01% of Cobalt (II) dimethylglyoxime pyridine or similar Cobalt (II) complexes to produce a low molecular weight polymer or copolymer.

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A composition that includes an epoxy compound, a thiol curing agent, a catalyst and a phosphorus--containing compound having at least one P--OH group and at least one organic moiety characterized by the presence of an ethylenically unsaturated group. The composition is particularly useful as a seale ...

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Cationic electrocoat latices, containing blocked isocyanate crosslinker and which are usually unstable toward pumping and shear forces, can be stabilized by conducting the emulsion polymerization in a solvent-water mixture containing from about 20 to 30 percent solvent. Ethanol is a preferred solven ...

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A magnetorheological material containing a particle component and a carrier fluid or mixture of carrier fluids having a change in viscosity per degree temperature (.DELTA..eta./.DELTA.T ratio) less than or equal to about 16.0 centipoise/.degree.C. over the temperature range of about 25.degree. C. to ...

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A one-component adhesive for metal surfaces such as iron, zinc, copper, cadmium and their alloys that will cure upon contact with the metal surface. The adhesive composition includes an olefinically unsaturated monomer; an acidic compound; a sulfonyl-containing compound; and a compound containing a ...

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A cathodic electrocoating paint composition that yields solvent-resistance films is shown. The paint binder consists essentially of:

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Containers for storing and/or transporting sulfur-containing compounds, and methods of deodorizing headspace gases containing sulfur-containing compounds, are disclosed. The containers include a body and a lid. In one embodiment, copper or another sulfur-deodorizing substance is attached to either t ...

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New Cobalt(II) nitrilomethylidyne dipyrrole complexes such as Cobalt(II) 2,2'-[trimethylenebis(nitrilomethylidyne)]-dipyrrole, Cobalt(II) 2,2'-[o-phenylenebis(nitrilomethylidyne)]-dipyrrole and their basic ligand complexes are effective catalysts for molecular weight control in acrylate/methacrylate ...