Smith Richard D, Furlong Dale A, Kinsey Ronald D: Solid waste disposal method and apparatus. June 29, 1971: US3589313 (59 worldwide citation)

A solid waste disposal system is described with a storage and receiving carousel, a shredder, a dryer, a compressor-turbine assembly for compressing air for combustion of waste and for receiving hot gasses produced in the combustion process. Two combustion systems, a fluid bed reactor and a gasifyin ...

Smith Richard S, Furlong Dale A, Kinsey Ronald D: Fluid bed reactor material combustion apparatus. Combustion Power Company, August 3, 1971: US3596614 (8 worldwide citation)

A material combustion method and apparatus is disclosed wherein material to be combusted is directed into a fluid bed reactor, compressed air directed through the fluid bed and entrained particles removed from combustion gases evolved during combustion.