Takashi Ohtsuka, Kimitoshi Fukae, Yuji Inoue: Solar cell module and manufacturing method thereof. Canon, MA HAO, April 16, 1997: CN95117637

A solar cell module is provided which is excellent in folding workability and durability. The filler thickness in the suspended part, engagement part, rising part and engagement part of solar cell module are made thinner than the filler that is placed other parts than these fold molded parts.

Masanari Tamechika, Kimitoshi Fukae: Insulation state measurement method, insulation state judgement apparatus, and dispersion type power generating system using the same. Canon Kabushiki Kaisha, JIANG HUA, April 17, 1996: CN95105035

An object of the present invention is to provide an insulation state measurement method and a judgement apparatus for a power conversion system, which can monitor the insulation state of an electric path with one end to which a power source is connected, or the power source itself in a non-use state ...

Hiroshi Sato, Kimitoshi Fukae, Nonobuyoshi Takehara: Charging control method and apparatus for power generation system. Canon Kabushiki Kaisha, FENG GENGXUAN, February 14, 1996: CN95105179

In a charging control method and apparatus which can improve the operating efficiency of a power generation system, a short-circuit switch is closed, and a current generated in a solar cell is charged in the accumulation unit. This voltage is detected by a detection unit and is loaded into a control ...

Nobuyoshi Takehara, Kimitoshi Fukae: Abnormality detection method, abnormality detection apparatus, and power generating system using the same. Canon Kabushiki Kaisha, JIANG HUA, June 19, 1996: CN95105107

It is an object of the invention to accurately detect a defective photoelectric conversion element regardless of the installation place and indicate the corresponding information. The above object can be achieved by a power generating system having a solar cell array constituted by a plurality of pa ...

Shigenori Itoyama, Kimitoshi Fukae, Yuji Inoue: Vacuum laminating apparatus and method. Canon, ZHANG ZUCHANG, February 26, 1997: CN96109410

A vacuum laminating apparatus includes a laminating space formed by a base member, a tube having deaeration holes, and a flexible lid member.

Seiji Kurokami, Kimitoshi Fukae, Nobuyoshi Takehara: Power control apparatus for solar power generation system. Canon, jiang shixun, April 29, 1998: CN97117984

In a power control apparatus of a solar power generation system for converting power generated by a solar panel and supplying the converted power to a load, the output voltage and output current of the solar panel are sensed and, under ordinary conditions, MPPT control is performed so that the solar ...

Toshihiko Mimura, Kimitoshi Fukae, Akiharu Takabayashi: Combination solar battery and roof unit and mounting method thereof. Canon, chen shenxian, April 29, 1998: CN97117987

A roof unit is constructed in such an arrangement that a plurality of combination solar battery and roof panels , each having flanges at two opposite sides, are placed adjacent to each other with clearance on a joining/fixing member , the adjacent combination solar battery and roof panels are fixed ...

Toshihiko Mumura, Kimitoshi Fukae, Akiharu Takabayashi: Horizontal-roofing roof and mounting method thereof. Canon, liu zhibeng, April 29, 1998: CN97117988

A roof in which an upper-end engaging portion of a downstream roof panel is seam-jointed with a lower-end engaging portion of an upstream roof panel, wherein at least the lower-end engaging portion has flexural rigidity enough to disengage the seam joint.

Takehito Yoshino, Kimitoshi Fukae, Yuji Inoue: Continuous vacuum lamination treatment system and vacuum lamination apparatus. Canon, ZHENG ZHONGJUN, March 18, 1998: CN97117638

A continuous vacuum lamination treatment system including at least a stacking work area for stacking necessary members to form a stacked body to be subjected to vacuum lamination treatment, a vacuuming work area for vacuuming stacked body, a heating work area for subjecting stacked body to heat trea ...

Masahiro Mori, Kimitoshi Fukae: Solar battery module and roofing material incorporating it. Canon, DU RIXIN, February 18, 1998: CN97117315

A solar battery module is constructed in such a way that a photovoltaic element is fixed on a reinforcing sheet, a plurality of junction boxes for drawing power out of the photovoltaic element to the outside are provided on an anti-light-receiving-surface side of the reinforcing sheet, first spacer ...