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A method for communication with a transportation system utilizes a human-machine interface with a control unit that constantly checks for the presence of contactlessly communicating information carriers. If a user with an information carrier is located in the reception range, the control unit requir ...

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An identification system for a lift installation in which a lift user carries with him an information transmitter. The information transmitter communicates individual data, for example the weight of the lift user, to a recognition device, which files the data in a data bank. Lift users without infor ...

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A control device for access and lift operation to a predetermined story in multi-family dwellings or other buildings is provided. Call input devices which may comprise a first input button and a second input button are provided in the upper stories of the building, such as in individual apartments o ...

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A method and a system for emergency evacuation of building occupants and to a method for modernization of an existing building with the evacuation system. The system is used in a multi-story building having a plurality of floors and with at least one elevator positionable at selected landings of the ...

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The invention relates to the equipping of an elevator (1, 2) with hardware in order to control the same. This hardware is provided in the form of a customary radio telephone (3) which serves as a unit for controlling the elevator. The radio telephone (3), also designated as mobile, comprises a keypa ...

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A device for remote maintenance and monitoring of an elevator installation has at least one input for the detection of first signals from an elevator control and/or from a sensor, at least one output of second signals to a telecommunications network and a processor and a data memory. A set of remote ...

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A monitoring device for an elevator includes a plurality of switching devices connected in a series safety chain. Each switching device has an active unit generating a pattern and a passive unit that responds to the pattern within a defined spacing between the units.

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A vehicle of a transportation system is moved by a drive supplied with electrical energy from an energy store. For the purpose of loading the energy store at a stop, a supply unit is provided, by which energy from a stationary energy supply, for example the public power supply or a solar generator, ...

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A transport system with several autonomous vehicles includes a terminal for a user to input his travel destination. The boarding location and the allocated vehicle are selected for serving the travel request and this information is communicated to the user as an allocated symbol on a display of the ...

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A user communicates travel destinations to a transportation system utilizing a human-machine interface having a touch screen with a selection of designations that can be individually selected by touching the screen. For example, a selected designation “Library” is communicated from the human-machine ...