Kikuchi Hiroshi C O Oki Electr, Matsuda Kiyoshi C O Oki Electr, Ono Hisao C O Oki Electric Ind, Momiyama Yoshiharu C O Oki Ele: Mechanism and method for mounting and removing a toner cartridge of a development device.. Oki Electric, July 3, 1991: EP0435596-A2 (34 worldwide citation)

A mechanism for mounting and removing a toner cartridge in a development device for use in an electrophotographic recording apparatus, a photocopier, and the like comprises a rotating member (21) for mounting a cartridge (24) filled with toner for replenishment, onto a main body (20) at a set positi ...

Kikuchi Hiroshi C O Oki Electr, Tanuma Jiro C O Oki Electric I, Ishimizu Hideaki C O Oki Elect, Kasai Tadashi C O Oki Electric: Serial printer control.. Oki Electric, July 13, 1988: EP0274435-A2 (20 worldwide citation)

A printer includes a print head (18) carrying identifications means (20) operable to identify the type of print head (18) currently loaded on a carriage portion (12) for printing characters on a print paper. Head connectors (16; 17) are disposed on the carriage portion (12) to enable a plurality of ...


Kikuchi Hiroshi, Maeyama Kenichi, Yoshida Keiichi: Purification of glycosaminoglycan degrading enzymes.. Seikagaku Kogyo, February 28, 1990: EP0355831-A2 (14 worldwide citation)

A method of fractionating and purifying glycosaminoglycan degrading enzymes which comprises chromatographically treating a solution containing glycosaminoglycan degrading enzymes with an insoluble sulfated polysaccharide carrier.

Tsuchiya Seishi, Aramaki Yukihiko, Hara Toshifumi Tokyo College, Kikuchi Hiroshi Daiichi Pharma, Yachi Kiyoto Daiichi Pharmaceu, Ikeuchi Tohru Daiichi Pharmace: Oral vaccine.. Daiichi Seiyaku Co, March 1, 1995: EP0640347-A1 (14 worldwide citation)

An oral vaccine comprising a complex of an antigen with a lipid, wherein the lipid contains a phospholipid comprising a glycolipid and/or phosphatidylserine combined with mannose. The vaccine serves to produce efficiently an antibody against the above antigen after being orally administered to livin ...

Kikuchi Hiroshi, Yokoi Masahiro: Organic el element sealing method. Toyota Motor, June 8, 2001: JP2001-155855 (12 worldwide citation)

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide an EL element sealing method that can prevent bad sealing by removing pressure rising of sealed space in adhering.SOLUTION: The EL element sealing method of the present invention comprises steps of coating adhesive 2 to a sealing member 1 having a thru-hole 12 to for ...

Inoue Yoji, Tokito Seiji, Iino Yoshiki, Fujisaki Yoshihide, Kikuchi Hiroshi: Organic el display. Nippon Hoso Kyokai &Lt Nhk&Gt, September 10, 2003: JP2003-255857 (11 worldwide citation)

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide an organic EL display which can form organic TFTs of a low threshold voltage and low operating voltage at a low process temperature.SOLUTION: The organic EL display 10 has a substrate 12, a barrier layer 14, an organic EL element 16, the organic TFT 18, and a protect ...



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