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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a clothing drying machine of high energy efficiency and reduced in the power required for dehumidification by controlling a dehumidifying means on optimum dehumidification conditions corresponding to the quantity of moisture, which is discharged from clothing, to be ...

Hosokawa Fuminobu, Nakamoto Shigeharu, Kida Kenji, Kajiura Tomoaki, Takahashi Yasuhito: Clothes drier. Matsushita Electric, August 8, 2000: JP2000-218095 (21 worldwide citation)

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To prevent drying irregularities and to house even long clothes by providing a wind plate positioned above objects to be dried and provided with an opening for narrowing the passage area of drying air toward a center part inside a drying container for arranging and housing the ...

Satake Seimi, Shibahara Yoshihiko, Ueda Toshiaki, Kida Kenji: Photographic light-sensitive material having a polyester film support.. Fuji Photo Film, Toray Industries, September 27, 1989: EP0334367-A2 (20 worldwide citation)

A photographic light-sensitive material is disclosed, which comprises a polyester film support having provided thereon at least one light-sensitive silver halide emulsion layer, the polyester film having a haze of up to 3% and a water content of not less than 0.5 wt%.

Kida Kenji, Morimura Shigeru, Tang Yueqin, Koike Hiromitsu: Alcohol production system and alcohol production method. Kumamoto Univ, May 8, 2008: JP2008-104452 (11 worldwide citation)

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide an alcohol production system and an alcohol production method, capable of utilizing garbage by using a simple system formation and steps.SOLUTION: A saccharification/first fermentation part 11 reacts a garbage W1 with an enzyme to produce saccharification products an ...

Furusho Takuji, Kida Kenji: Double edged needle mounting tool and radioactive medicine container transportation case. Nihon Medi Physics, June 20, 2000: JP2000-167053 (8 worldwide citation)

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a double edged needle mounting tool capable of easily, safely and accurately mounting a double edged needle into a medicine filled injector by using the tool as a subsidiary tool in mounting the double edged needle into the medicine filled injector.SOLUTION: A double ...

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The specification discloses a thermal stencil paper for mimeograph, having a uniform shape of pores and well-balanced retainability and permeability of printing ink. Thermal stencil paper for mimeograph formed by laminating a porous support member comprising polyester fibers on one surface of a poly ...

Morimura Shigeru, Shigematsu Toru, Kida Kenji, Maeda Hiroshi: Anticancer health food. Kumamoto Technology &Amp Industry Foundation, December 16, 2004: JP2004-350505 (4 worldwide citation)

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide anticancer health food comprising brewed vinegar produced from distilled spirit residual liquid as a new use of the brewed vinegar.SOLUTION: The anticancer health food contains brewed vinegar produced by using distilled spirit residual liquid as raw material, and ace ...

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This invention relates to a process for producing yeast cells which comprises inoculating a new strain of the genus Candida into a culture medium comprising ethanol and culturing under aerobic conditions. A primary object of this invention is to provide an inexpensive yeast of good quality which can ...

Kida Kenji, Kawazu Yukio, Owatari Hisashi: White polylactic acid film. Toray, May 22, 2002: JP2002-146071 (3 worldwide citation)

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To obtain a low-density white film having no problem at dumping, excellent whiteness and cushioning properties.SOLUTION: This white polylactic acid film is characterized in that the film comprises a polylactic acid and a resin incompatible with the polylactic acid as main const ...

Kawazu Yukio, Abe Koichi, Kida Kenji: Metal foil-laminated film. Toray, January 22, 2002: JP2002-019023 (3 worldwide citation)

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a metal foil-laminated film which has good folding resistance and scratch resistance without damaging the characteristics in strength and glossiness of metal foil itself.SOLUTION: In the metal foil-laminated film, a thermoplastic resin film is laminated at least on o ...