Mohammad Khatib
Khatib Mohammad: Software upgrade of telecommunications user terminal. Lucent Technologies, March 5, 2003: EP1289324-A1 (6 worldwide citation)

A method of providing a user terminal (UE) in a wireless telecommunications network with a software upgrade involves making a call connection between the user terminal (UE) and a base station (Node B) in which software is transmitted from the base station to the user terminal.

Mohammad Khatib
Khatib Mohammad: A method of activating new software or a software upgrade at a network element of a telecommunications network. Lucent Technologies, September 10, 2003: GB2386209-A (3 worldwide citation)

A method is provided of activating new software or a software upgrade at a network element of a telecommunications network. The method first comprises during the software activation monitoring processing resources involved in the activation to determine parameter values. A resource usage indicator i ...

Mohammad Khatib
KHATIB MOHAMMAD: Station de base, réseau et procédé pour la commutation dune station de base dun mode à lautre, Basisstation, Netz und Verfahren zum Umschalten der Basisstation zwischen Modi, A base station, a network, and a method of base station switching between modes. ALCATEL LUCENT, December 5, 2012: EP2530979-A1

A method is provided of a first base station for wireless telecommunications switching between a first mode in which the base station sends pilot channel signals and a second mode in which the first base station does not send pilot packet signals. The first base station records for a given time peri ...

Mohammad Khatib
KHATIB MOHAMMAD, BREND GRAHAM R: Transmission of a warning by a base station, Übertragung einer Warnung durch eine Basisstation, Transmission dun avertissement par une station de base. ALCATEL LUCENT, November 23, 2011: EP2389021-A1

A method of transmitting a warning is provided comprising: detecting a warning message received at a base station for radio transmission to at least one user terminal connected by radio to the base station in response to the detecting, the base station sending out at least one of an audible warning ...