Kevin W Mundt, Haesung Kwon, Frank W Yu: Hard drive assemblies. Dell Products, Egan Peterman Enders Huston, August 7, 2018: US10042399

The side profile of a hard drive assembly may be configured with one or more open areas to allow cooling air to pass side-to-side across the hard drive assembly through a lateral flow channel provided by a cavity defined in the base portion of the hard drive assembly.

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A data storage system includes a data storage controller, a data storage device, and a logic circuit. The logic circuit receives hard drive status information from the data storage controller. The information is communicated by a first status signal and a second status signal. The logic circuit prov ...

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A connector for electrically coupling an information handling resource to a backplane, may include a lead frame comprising a plurality of electrically-conductive traces configured to be electrically coupled to the backplane and a receptacle having a plurality of electrically-conductive pins each ele ...

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An operational parameter is accessed at a data storage device. The operational parameter is encoded using a serial data protocol. The encoded operational parameter is superimposed on an activity indicator signal outputted by the data storage device. The activity indicator signal is configured to be ...

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In accordance with embodiments of the present disclosure, a system may include an information handling resource and an expansion cold plate thermally coupled to the information handling resource and configured to be fluidically coupled to a refrigeration system and configured to expand a refrigerant ...

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A fan assembly is flexibly attached to an electronic device enclosure. The fan assembly is configured to pivot with respect to the electronic device enclosure from a horizontal position to an angled position during insertion of the enclosure into the chassis. The horizontal position is to facilitate ...

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An information handling system includes a service connector operable to receive an RS-232 signal and a USB signal. The service connector is a USB type connector. The information handling system also includes a voltage converter operable to convert the RS-232 signal from a first voltage level to a fi ...

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A power supply unit includes two or more power converters. Each power converter provides power at a corresponding output terminal of the power supply unit. The power supply unit also includes a controller to determine an operating mode of the power supply unit. When the power supply unit is operatin ...

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A connector system includes a first connector element and a second connector element. The first connector element includes a first contact that has a first contact region and a first wipe region. The second connector element includes a second contact that has a second contact region and a second wip ...

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An information handling system circuit board interfaces storage device surface connectors and storage device controllers disposed on opposing sides by coupling a first circuit board portion having a controller press in connector to a second circuit board portion having plural surface connectors. The ...