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A monobore completion system where the well is completed using a tubing conveyed perforating completion system having an automatic gun release and support for the tubing conveyed perforating guns.

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The present invention presents a method and apparatus for perforating a well in response to fluid pressure in a first tubing string while establishing a pressure balance in response to pressure in a second string, or in the well casing, through which the well will be produced. Additionally, redundan ...

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A method and apparatus for actuating a downhole tool in a wellbore. The method and apparatus including an actuator that operates the tool in response to the functioning of an energetic charge. The energetic charge may be set off as a part of a perforating operation.

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A hydraulically actuated firing head for a tubing conveyed well perforating system includes an actuating piston responsive to a differential between tubing pressure and a sealed low pressure zone contained within the firing head. The actuating piston releases a firing piston which initiates a firing ...

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A time delay perforating apparatus and method of use. The apparatus includes at least one first and second gun with a time delay device positioned therebetween. The time delay device delays firing of the second gun for a predetermined period after firing of the first gun and prevents fluid communica ...

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The described invention includes an apparatus for perforating a well through use of one or more perforating guns in a collapsible perforating assembly. The collapsible perforating assembly includes a collapsible spacer mandrel which may be placed between two or more perforating guns. The spacer mand ...

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An actuating tool which is conveyed into a tubing string to attach to portions of an emplaced perforating gun. The tool includes an actuator with an electronic delay timer and an explosive device. The tool attaches to an emplaced perforating gun and detonates it by initiating an explosive charge alo ...

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Systems and methods for surging fluid downhole in an earth borehole, as well as tools especially adapted for use in such systems and methods, are disclosed. In a system for surging fluids, upper and lower valves both operated through the use of annulus pressure define the upper and lower extremities ...

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A firing head actuator for a perforating gun includes an atmospheric pressure chamber which is run into the well on a slick line. The atmospheric pressure chamber can then be communicated with a low pressure side of an actuating piston to move the piston and initiate firing of the perforating guns. ...

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Methods of perforating a well using coiled tubing conveyed perforating guns are disclosed. A perforating tool string includes a coiled tubing string, a perforating gun, a releasable gun hanger, and a pressure responsive release connecting the coiled tubing string to the perforating gun. The perforat ...