Jens Nagel
Donald Remboski, Kevin Michael Brooks, Paula Jean Canavan, Kenneth Douros, Judith Lee Gardner, Robert Michael Gardner, Joshua B Hurwitz, Robert H Leivian, Jens Nagel, David John Wheatley, Clifford A Wood: Context aware wireless communication device and method. Marshall Gerstein & Borun, October 17, 2002: US20020151297-A1

A wireless communication device (300) having a settable service state includes a sensor fusion module (306) to provide context data to the wireless communication device (300). The wireless communication device also receives a context parameter. In a method (800) according to a preferred embodiment o ...

Kevin Michael Brooks Cook: Keypad browser. Thorpe North & Western, March 1, 2005: US06862344

A telephone-based information announcement system provides a mouse-like selection means for user browsing, selection, and editing of audio information messages, for reducing user dependence on guidance regarding the use of the keypad, and for general purpose system control. The user presses any numb ...