Kevin L Fluharty: Multi-edge clock recovery method. Motorola, Wayne J Egan, June 9, 1992: US05121411 (52 worldwide citation)

A multi-edge clock recovery method is provided that may be used with data streams having at least three (3) levels. According to the invention, when each threshold is crossed, it generates data edges for that particular threshold. These data edges latching the polarity of the recoverd clock at the t ...

Christopher N Kurby, Donald R Beyer, Anne P Davies Walsh, Kevin L Fluharty, Matthew R Miller: Demodulation selection for a communication signal. Motorola, Susan L Lukasik, Steven G Parmelee, Wayne J Egan, September 13, 1994: US05347542 (7 worldwide citation)

In a system where 2-level modulation and 4-level modulation of communication signals exist, an apparatus (107) demodulates either modulation scheme by demodulating (301) a received signal under the presumption that it is a 4-level signal, and if the received signal is detected (309) to be a 2-level ...

Kevin L Fluharty: Method and device for detecting multi-level digital signal data stream termination. Motorola, Darleen J Stockley, July 6, 1993: US05226062 (3 worldwide citation)

A multi-level digital signal data stream termination detector is set forth that utilizes detection of multiple relatively short detection patterns separated by a time less than a predetermined allowable time to detect digital data stream termination even in the presence of simulcast distortion.