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A process for enhancing the security of implantable surgical devices secured to bone tissue comprising implanting in bone tissue a surgical device with a biocompatible adhesive and/or sealant selected from the group consisting of: p1 (a) a material made from monomers of the formula:

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Absorbable/resorbable mixtures of aliphatic polyesters of poly(lactide), poly(glycolide), poly(trimethylene carbonate), poly(p-dioxanone) and poly(.epsilon.-caprolactone) and calcium containing bone regenerating compounds such as powdered, non-fibrous calcium phosphates are described. The composites ...

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A bioabsorbable rivet and pin fastening device that may be used for attachment of a fixation plate to bone is described herein. The rivet having a head that is mechanically connected to two or more legs that extend generally distally from the head. The pin being radially compressible and less compli ...

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Absorbable binary and tertiary blends of homopolymers and copolymers of poly(lactide), poly(glycolide), poly(.epsilon.-caprolactone), and poly(p-dioxanone) are described. The blends when used to manufacture medical devices exhibit shape retention, dimensional stability and palpability without loss o ...

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An improved process for preparing an aromatic polyanhydride is disclosed. The aromatic polyanhydride is prepared by reacting an aromatic dicarboxylic acid with an anhydride to form an anhydride prepolymer, isolating and purifying the prepolymer, and subjecting the prepolymer to melt polycondensation ...

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Absorbable, segmented polymers of aliphatic polyesters based on lactone monomers glycolide, p-dioxanone and .epsilon.-caprolactone are described. The segmented polymers exhibit a broad range of properties, especially high strength, low modulus and fast in vivo absorption, useful in a variety of medi ...

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Absorbable, segmented copolymers of aliphatic polyesters based on lactone monomers lactide, and p-dioxanone are described. The segmented copolymers exhibit a broad range of properties, especially high strength and long elongations. This unique elastomeric behavior makes the copolymers of the present ...

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Absorbable polymers and blends of poly(alkylene diglycolate)s and aliphatic polyesters based on lactone monomers such as lactide, glycolide, e-caprolactone, p-dioxanone, and trimethylene carbonate are described. The polymers and blends exhibit a broad range of properties, useful in a variety of medi ...

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Absorbable biocompatible polymer blends useful to manufacture medical devices. The blends have a first major phase including polymers such as poly(lactide homopolymers and poly(lactide-co-glycolide) copolymers and combination thereof. The blends have a second minor phase include copolymers of poly(. ...

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A multi-layer protective fabric includes an inner layer, an middle layer, and an outer wicking layer. The outer fabric layer includes an inside layer of hydrophobic material, an outside layer of hydrophilic material, and an intermediate layer of hydrophobic monofilament yarns extending between and k ...