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An oral respiratory mouth mask for breath-by-breath ventilatory measurements on humans constructed of silicone or like material. The mouth mask has a curved face sealing flange adapted to sealably engage the user's skin about the mouth and nose including an internal mouth-enclosing chamber having a ...

Kevin A Rudolph: Nasal mask. Hans Rudolph, John C McMahon, February 27, 2001: US06192886 (215 worldwide citation)

A nasal mask configured to be as unobtrusive as possible while providing an air-tight seal around the nose of a wearer comprises a flexible nasal cup having a nasal opening formed by an inner circumferential edge or rim thereof and opening into a nasal chamber. The cup also includes inner and outer ...

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An improved airflow delivery system wherein a primary conduit extends from a source of a stream of breathable gas to a patient or wearer. The primary conduit is rotatably connected to a manifold positioned on the top of the wearer's head. The manifold distributes the stream of breathable gas through ...

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An apparatus includes a respiratory mask and a seal. The mask is adapted to encircle the mouth of a user and convey gasses to and from the mouth of a user through a port therein. The seal is a hydrogel seal that is relatively sticky and resilient so as to provide a tight seal between the mask and th ...

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A pneumotach apparatus for measuring gas flows comprises a flow head with a passageway and having a plurality of screens positioned in the pasageway to provide a variance in pressure on different sides of one of the screens, a pressure transducer to convert the pressures into a flow value and a disp ...

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A respiratory mask comprises a sealing flange connected to a mask body by a sinusoidal shaped cushioning member. The cushioning member resiliently compresses when the sealing flange is pressed against the face of a wearer to ensure an airtight seal between the sealing flange and the face of the wear ...