Young Bae
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Provided are photoresist compositions useful in forming photolithographic patterns by a negative tone development process. Also provided are methods of forming photolithographic patterns by a negative tone development process and substrates coated with the photoresist compositions. The compositions, ...

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Group 4 metal complexes useful as addition polymerization catalysts of the formula: wherein G1 is a group containing from 1 to 40 atoms not counting hydrogen; T is a divalent bridging group of from 10 to 30 atoms not counting hydrogen, selected from mono- or di-aryl-substituted methylene or silylene ...

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A group of functionalized linking agents are disclosed. The linking agents contain thiol reactive functionalities for the covalent reaction with sulfhydryl groups from the hinge-region of antibody fragments. The linking agents also contain masked aldehyde functionalities for covalent attachment of a ...

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Metal complexes comprising a polydentate chelating group, catalysts and polymerization processes using the same for the polymerization of olefins, especially propylene, are disclosed.

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Dialkylated aryl monosulfonic acids or salts thereof or their mixture are useful as collectors in the flotation of minerals, particularly oxide minerals. Particularly useful are those sulfonic acids or salts in which the alkyl substituents are unsymmetrical. Collector compositions comprising these s ...

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An improved process for forming bridged Group 4 transition metal complexes using boron trihalide and a magnesium dicyclopentadienyl compound to form a dicyclopentadienyl boron halide intermediate for subsequent metallation or other synthetic use and novel metal complexes.

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.beta.,.gamma.-Unsaturated non-epoxide ethers react with carboxylic acids, carbamates or sulfonamides to form the corresponding .beta.,.gamma.-unsaturated esters, carbamates or sulfonamides. The reaction is catalyzed with sulfonated polystyrene beads and is promoted by copper (I) chloride.

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A process for the preparation of activated esters of certain N-maleoyl amino acids is disclosed. In the process, maleamic acids are cyclized and esterified to the desired products by the initial reaction with an acid halide reagent followed by a subsequent reaction with the appropriate hydroxyl-cont ...


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The present invention generally relates to a process that copolymerizes two or more polymerizable olefins, and to cataclyst comprising a metal-ligand complex (precatalyst). The present invention also generally relates to ligands useful for preparing the metal-ligand complex.