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A display arrangement for displaying information perspectively or three-dimensionally has a first and second display devices. The first display device is positioned behind a semitransparent mirror and displays a first information which is directly viewed through the semitransparent mirror. The secon ...

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A ferrite core type transformer, such as a flyback transformer used in a television receiver, includes a ferrite core unit and a coil unit mounted on the core unit. The ferrite core unit is constituted by a pair of U-shaped core members which are arranged to assume a figure "O" with a suitable space ...

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A flyback transformer includes a coil unit, a variable resistor unit detachably mounted on the coil unit and a connector for electrically connecting the coil unit and the variable resistor unit. The coil unit has a casing, primary and secondary coils accommodated in the casing, and a terminal which ...



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An improved tubular sealed lead-acid battery is proposed which has superior cycle life performance by providing a gap A between adjacent tubes which gap is expressed by the following equation, in which constant X is within the range of 0.29-0.75: