Kenneth W Maze, Joseph W Forler: Television receiver using received channel guide information and a secondary video signal processor for displaying secondary channel information. Thomson Consumer Electronics, Joseph S Tripoli, Thomas F Lenihan, Peter M Emanuel, September 17, 1996: US05557338 (234 worldwide citation)

A television receiver system having secondary picture display capability (such as PIP or POP) includes two tuners and signal processing arrangements, and circuitry for receiving a transmitted channel guide. In response to a "BROWSE" command, the receiver maintains the currently-tuned first channel a ...

Eric D Romesburg, Kenneth W Maze, David J Duffield, Michael S Deiss, Billy W Beyers Jr, Kevin E Bridgewater: Data transfer from an external computer to a television receiver having picture-in-picture capability. Thomson Consumer Electronics, Joseph S Tripoli, Peter M Emanuel, Thomas F Lenihan, May 12, 1992: US05113259 (95 worldwide citation)

The digitized video image data stored in a video RAM in a pix-in-pix television receiver is modified by the addition of digital data from an external computer via a computer interface circuit under control of the pix-in-pix controller. The computer interface circuit is coupled to the internal contro ...

Kenneth W Maze: Progressive scan television receiver with adaptive memory addressing. RCA Corporation, P J Rasmussen, P M Emanuel, R G Coalter, February 25, 1986: US04573080 (18 worldwide citation)

A video input signal is stored in a memory and read twice during a line-interval to provide a processed video output signal having a doubled line rate for display on a display device having a doubled horizontal sweep rate thereby providing a progressively scanned image having reduced visibility of l ...

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