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A method for constructing a membrane probe that includes providing a substrate, and creating a depression within the substrate. Conductive material is located within the depression and a conductive trace is connected to the conductive material. A membrane is applied to support the conductive materia ...

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A substrate, preferably constructed of a ductile material and a tool having the desired shape of the resulting device for contacting contact pads on a test device is brought into contact with the substrate. The tool is preferably constructed of a material that is harder than the substrate so that a ...

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Single-walled carbon nanotubes have been synthesized by the catalytic decomposition of both carbon monoxide and ethylene over a supported metal catalyst known to produce larger multi-walled nanotubes. Under certain conditions, there is no termination of nanotube growth, and production appears to be ...

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The amount of coating dispensed by a metering rod type applicator such as used on size press coater for applying coating onto the size press rolls can be reduced by vibrating the metering rod. Such vibration of the metering rod has been found to reduce the thickness of the film passing through the m ...

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A probe head including an elastic membrane capable of exerting a restoring force when one of the surfaces of the elastic membrane is distorted. A conductive probe includes a beam having a first end and a second end, with a probe tip proximate the first end for contacting a device under test. A beam ...

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An improved two piece food package. The package includes lid and dish members. The lid has formed in its perimeter three slots, two on one side and a single slot on the opposite side. The dish member has three locking tabs designed to engage the slots in the lid to thereby hold the two members toget ...

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A web offset heatset printing ink composition having less than about 2 wt. % of volatile organic compounds containing an aqueous polymer latex dispersed in an ink base of a resin, a non-volatile plasticizer, and a pigment and method for preparing same.

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A system is disclosed that provides a goal based learning system utilizing a rule based expert training system to provide a cognitive educational experience. The system provides the user with a simulated environment that presents a business opportunity to understand and solve optimally. Mistakes are ...

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A plunge base router for use in an upright and an inverted position is disclosed. The router includes a depth adjustment mechanism, a depth stop mechanism, a post lock mechanism, and a return spring defeat mechanism. The depth adjustment mechanism includes a coarse adjustment mechanism and a fine ad ...

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A wafer cleaning apparatus provides two opposed brushes for brushing a vertically disposed wafer in a tank which can contain a process liquid. A pressure controller adaptively controls the pressure exerted by the brushes on the wafer to compensate for brush wear. Rim driving wheels engage the wafer ...