Kenneth Raines: Needleless injection port with automatic backcheck valve. Burron Medical, Shoemaker and Mattare, September 15, 1992: US05147333 (145 worldwide citation)

A needleless injection port and automatic backcheck valve comprises a generally tubular body having a pair of vertically offset ports extending laterally therefrom, and a spool within the bore for controlling communication between the ports. The spool is urged by a spring toward one end of the bore, ...

Kenneth Raines: Latching trumpet valve for medical infusions. Shoemaker and Mattare, July 20, 1993: US05228646 (99 worldwide citation)

A valve for controlling medical infusions includes a one-piece plastic body, and a plunger assembly inserted into the body from one end. The plungers is connected to a manually operable cap containing a return spring, and the cap has a rim with a pair of internal barbs which engage an external flang ...

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A multiple valve assembly for use in the medical field includes a pair of flexible valve discs which are essentially co-planar with each other. A pair of tube connectors are oriented to be at an essentially right angle with respect to each other, and fluid communication between the interior of a hol ...

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A valve includes a one-piece plastic body, and a plunger assembly inserted into the body from one end. The body includes a central cylindrical portion extending along a first axis, a tubular outlet portion extending along a second axis parallel to and offset from the first, so as to intersect the ce ...

Kenneth Raines, Gary Horner: System and method for mixing parenteral nutrition solutions. Shoemaker and Mattare, August 6, 1991: US05037390 (63 worldwide citation)

An apparatus and method for mixing parenteral nutrition solutions from additives in a plurality of vials containing the additives, in which a vented spike is inserted through a disposable rack and into the stoppered end of each vial, with the vials secured on the rack. The rack is engaged on a stand ...

Kenneth Raines: Tamper resistant syringe cap. B Braun Medical, Shoemaker and Mattare, July 12, 1994: US05328474 (57 worldwide citation)

A tamper-resistant closure for a medical injection device such as a syringe includes a cap having both a blind bore sized to receive and seat tightly against the syringe tip, to prevent material from entering or being withdrawn from the device. The cap has a threaded connection to the syringe tip, a ...

Kenneth Raines: Backflow check valve for use with IV administration sets. Burron Medical, Shoemaker and Mattare, January 12, 1982: US04310017 (55 worldwide citation)

A backflow check valve includes male and female hubs sonically welded together with a flow control disc located within the check valve. The disc permits flow in one direction through the check valve, but prevents flow in the other direction through the check valve.

Kenneth Raines: Ratcheting luer lock connector. B Braun Medical, RatnerPrestia, December 28, 2010: US07857805 (49 worldwide citation)

According to one aspect of the invention, a fluid carrying connector comprising a luer lock connector is provided. At least one projection is defined on, or extending from, a surface of the luer lock connector. A shroud is moveably positioned with respect to the luer lock connector. The shroud compr ...

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A formulation preparation device is provided herein which contains a valve assembly, transfer spikes, syringe port and tube, these components being interconnected so as to provide for controlled fluid flow between the spikes and port, through the assembly, in specific directions only. The device has ...

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A tamper-resistant filled syringe protective capping device which comprises a one-piece molded product, comprising a base section having a portion thereof provided with a female luer port, a sterility protector, and two side portions which at their furthest ends are provided with complementary locki ...