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A wind powered electrical generating system having a suitable shaped aerodynamic duct or shroud within which a wind turbine having a fixed pitch blade is mounted, as by means of a stator means at the inlet of the duct or shroud with the stator means including mechanism for varying their effective an ...

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A diffuser for augmenting a wind turbine having means for energizing the boundary layer at several locations along the diffuser walls is improved by the addition of a short collar extending radially outward from the outlet of the diffuser.

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A horizontal inlet section of a jet engine diffuser extends to a transitional curved section which, in turn, extends to a horizontal outlet section offset from the horizontal inlet section to shield observation of infrared and microwave signals from a downstream jet engine. A vane between the inlet ...

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Pseudo sound created by the interaction of fluid flowing over a discontinuity in a conduit is sensed by a transducer. The transducer signal is reduced to a frequency-amplitude distribution and the amplitude at the characteristic frequency is used to calculate fluid flow rate using a dipole model. Th ...

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A visible, or near to mid infra-red, hypersonic gasdynamic laser system incorporated in a hypersonic vehicle which provides high enthalpy ram air for thermodynamic excitation of the laser gases. The hypersonic vehicle defines therein a laser cavity, and ram air directed therethrough supports gasdyna ...