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An electrical testing device is provided for testing integrated circuits located on a wafer. The testing device employs a multi-layer test circuit having a plurality of contacts for contacting the integrated circuits on a wafer. The layers of the test circuit are embedded in a flexible transparent d ...

James C K Lau, Kenneth Lui, James A Hathaway, Ronald A DePace: Low stress waveguide window/feedthrough assembly. TRW, July 4, 1995: US05430257 (25 worldwide citation)

An apparatus for mounting a waveguide window or conduction member into a housing such that a smooth gradient of the coefficient of thermal expansion exists between the housing and the window or conduction member, thereby reducing the internal stress which results from ambient temperature variations. ...

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An integrated and automated multistation machine is provided for placement and attachment of electrically conductive interconnectors onto solar cells and the like. The machine comprises a rotatable turntable for supporting a plurality of solar cells in respective association with a corresponding plu ...

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A leak-tight joint between a Kovar ceramic feed-through and an aluminum housing is obtained by electron beam welding a short length of the outside surface of the Kovar cylindrical shell of the feedthrough to a region of nickel deposited on a thin wall cylindrical tube of aluminum formed in the alumi ...

James C Lau, Kenneth Lui, Richard P Malmgren: Single crystal diamond wafer fabrication. TRW, Ronald L Taylor, March 1, 1994: US05290392 (14 worldwide citation)

This invention discloses a method of fabricating a plurality of diamond semiconductor wafers from a single crystal diamond semiconductor boule, where the diamond boule is grown by a chemical vapor deposition (CVD) process. Initially, a single crystal diamond seed is polished and an impurity layer is ...

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A method for trimming thin film resistors. A focused inert ion beam is employed to selectively remove portions of a resistive film deposited on a substrate.

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There is disclosed a method of electrodepositing, on a substrate, a substantially homogeneous admixture (alloy) of nickel and iron containing substantially no iron oxides and having a low temperature expansion coefficient. The method includes the steps of forming an aqueous electrolyte solution of n ...

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An integrated waveguide/stripline signal transition structure and method for fabricating the same are provided for allowing high frequency signal transitions. The signal transition structure includes a waveguide which has a conductive cavity for guiding electromagnetic waves therethrough. A first co ...

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There is disclosed an optical mirror consisting essentially of an electrodeposited nickel-iron face sheet having a relatively low temperature coefficient of expansion on a lightweight graphite backup substrate having approximately the same temperature coefficient of expansion as the electrodeposited ...