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An adhesive blend is described that can include a semi-crystalline copolymer of propylene and at least one comonomer selected from the group consisting of ethylene and at least one C


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A copolymer comprising units of an unsaturated dicarboxylic monomer and an ethylene .alpha.-olefin macromer is disclosed. The macromer is an unsaturated ethylene .alpha.-olefin polymer comprising units of from ethylene and at least one .alpha.-olefin represented by the formula CH.sub.2 .dbd.CHR.sup. ...

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Embodiments of the present invention relate to article comprising 1) a functionalized component, 2) tackifier, and 3) an olefin polymer comprising one or more C3 to C40 olefins, optionally one or more diolefins, and less than 5 mole % of ethylene having a Dot T-Peel of 1 Newton or more, a branching ...

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The invention relates to novel adhesive alpha-olefin inter-polymers which are largely amorphous and have a rheological behavior that makes them suitable for adhesive use, both without and with minimized amounts of tackifying resins. Specifically, the invention poly-alpha olefin inter-polymer may be ...

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Polyoxyalkylene esters, ethers,ester/ethers or mixtures thereof containing two C.sub.10 -C.sub.30 linear saturated alkyl groups and a polyoxy (C.sub.1 -C.sub.4) alkylene glycol group of molecular weight 200 to 5,000 have been found to be effective distillate fuel flow improvers, especially for narro ...

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Three component additive combinations for improving the flow of distillate fuel oils comprise

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Compositions are disclosed for improving at least the low temperature flow properties of lubricating oils. The compositions are dual additives including a first component which is a polymer or interpolymer of a C.sub.14 carboxylate, such as a C.sub.14 -dialkyl fumarate/vinyl acetate interpolymer, an ...

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This invention relates to an adhesive composition comprising a copolymer comprising units derived from one or more macromonomers and an unsaturated acid or an unsaturated anhydride wherein the weight average molecular weight of the copolymer is at least twice the weight average molecular weight of t ...

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Improved adhesives are provided through the use of styrenic tetrablock or pentablock copolymers which have a reduced elastomeric behavior under the die-cutting conditions used in label production.