Kenichi Mabuchi: Beauty treatment device. Bio Mabuchi, McGlew and Tuttle, January 21, 1986: US04565189 (230 worldwide citation)

A beauty treatment device having a device body, a drive unit provided in the device body and a patter driven by the drive unit wherein the patter is composed of a freely rotating roller; and freely rotating space guide wheels for maintaining the range of patting motion of the roller by depressing an ...

Kenichi Mabuchi, Yoshihisa Tsuchimochi: Electric hand tool. Mabuchi Motor, February 3, 1976: US03935909 (42 worldwide citation)

An electric hand tool is disclosed which uses nickel-cadmium type cells to energize a small motor driving the tool. The speed of the motor is reduced by means of an epicyclic gear, requiring no increase in the diameter of the hand tool.

Kenichi Mabuchi: Beauty treatment device. Mabuchi Motor, May 9, 1978: US04088128 (30 worldwide citation)

A beauty treatment device comprising a device body having a cylindrical or pistol-grip type handle and a space guide on its one end; a drive unit mounted in the device body and consisting of an electric motor, a reduction gear assembly and a rotating shaft; and energy accumulating means consisting o ...

Kenichi Mabuchi: Massaging machine. Mabuchi Motor, December 14, 1976: US03996929 (30 worldwide citation)

A massaging machine formed as a mobile vehicle comprising a driving gear wheel for moving the vehicle by meshing with a flexible rack track belt which passes through the vehicle body and is held in tension, an electric motor for driving said gear wheel forward and backward, control levers provided o ...

Kenichi Mabuchi, Yoshihisa Tsuchimochi: Charger. Mabuchi Motor, May 25, 1976: US03959706 (29 worldwide citation)

A portable charger, together with its accessory devices, is disclosed which has incorporated a circuit such that when the cell to be charged is mounted thereon, a discharge circuit will be closed to clear the residual charge in the cell to be charged and then, by pressing a push button manually, the ...

Kenichi Mabuchi, Kogiro Komatsu: Radio motor control system. Mabuchi Motor, September 18, 1979: US04168468 (25 worldwide citation)

A radio control system having a radio-controlled model toy on which a d-c power supply, a receiver and two electric motors are mounted, and a transmitter for maneuvering the radio-controlled model toy, and characterized in that the transmitter is constructed so that a control pulse signal having a p ...

Kenichi Mabuchi: Beauty treatment device. Kenichi Mabuchi, McGlew and Tuttle, April 30, 1985: US04513737 (23 worldwide citation)

A beauty treatment device comprising a device body, a drive unit housed in the device body, an actuator reciprocated by the drive unit, a patter, or patter assembly removably fitted to the actuator, a space guide fitted to the device body to control the reciprocating motion of the patter assembly, a ...

Kenichi Mabuchi, Tatuo Katunuma: Model racing car. Mabuchi Motor, April 15, 1980: US04197672 (20 worldwide citation)

A model racing car having front wheels, rear wheels, drive motors and a radio control receiver and of the front drive type that is adapted to control a large steering angle of the front wheels by means of the output of the radio control receiver, wherein a plurality of the drive motors with reductio ...

Kenichi Mabuchi: Adapter. Mabuchi Motor, November 8, 1977: US04057677 (20 worldwide citation)

An adapter designed to enable a battery, whose shape and dimensions are non-standard, to be housed in an electric appliance such as a model, toy, or portable electric appliance, which has a battery compartment designed to house a standard battery such as type U1, U2 or U3.

Kenichi Mabuchi, Tatsuo Katsunuma: Model helicopter device. Mabuchi Motor, June 9, 1981: US04272041 (20 worldwide citation)

A model helicopter device wherein a countertorque generated in the helicopter body by changes in the revolution of a main rotor is canceled by substantially detecting the acceleration of the revolution of the main rotor and automatically adjusting the pitch of tail rotor blades in accordance with th ...

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