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Microwave absorber comprising a mixture of ferrite powder having particle size of less than 1.65 mm and an organic high molecular weight compound.

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Coatings (or coat) for preventing reflection of electromagnetic wave on iron structures and coating material for use in forming said coatings, said coatings comprising ferrite powders and iron powders dispersed in organic high molecular weight compounds and said coating material comprising a dispers ...

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Electromagnetic wave-absorbing wall comprising ferrimagnetic plates arranged at some intervals in the direction of the electric field of the electromagnetic wave said ferrimagnetic plates being plates of ferrite having the following general formula:

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An electromagnetic shielding material for absorbing electromagnetic energy has been found. The shielding material is flexible and has a thin conductive core with a composite ferrite material deposited around the core. The composite ferrite material is a mixture of ferrite powder and a binder for bin ...

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An attenuator for use in filtering high-frequency waves propagated in a transmission line, comprising ferrite beads having a conductor passed therethrough which are enclosed firmly within a mixture having powder of ferrimagnetic material dispersed in an organic high polymer.

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A popped corn making apparatus used in a microwave oven comprises a bowl having an opening at the upper part and a narrow closed bottom and a substantially conical shape; and a resonator placed at the bottom of said bowl. The electric field resulted by resonance of said resonator under an applicatio ...

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A microwave heating oven has a seal located in the path formed by a gap between the oven body and the oven door for preventing microwave leakage. The seal may comprise several seals, and includes a microwave absorber as one of the seals. The microwave absorber consists of a mixture of a powder of ma ...

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A parabolic antenna for SHF band having a primary feeder and a reflector is improved by using a backfire helical antenna as a primary feeder, which is fed by using a coaxial cable. The backfire helical antenna has a matching disc coupled with an outer conductor of the coaxial cable feeder, and a coi ...

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A flat wave absorber having a conductive plate, a dielectric plate on the conductive plate, and, a ferrite plate on said dielectric plate, provides a wide operational frequency range from 30 MHz to 1 GHz with excellent attenuation characteristics, and an anechoic chamber mounting said wave absorber ...

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The present invention relates to an electromagnetic interference shielding material used for shielding radios and the like from electromagnetic waves emitted from a computer or the like. In the prior art, a zinc flame-sprayed shielding material is applied on the housing of a computer or the like to ...