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A power distribution system, for use in computer systems and switchable to distribute uninterruptable power received from either of a first or a second power supply, includes a first and a second power input receptacle each being connected to the first and second power supplies respectively. A switc ...

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A page wide ink jet printhead body is formed using first and second series of identically configured rectangular piezoceramic blocks having widths not greater than about one inch. The individual blocks are poled in widthwise directions and secured to one another and to an upper side surface of a non ...

Kelsey R Walker, Daniel B Granzow: Process of making an orifice plate for a page-wide ink jet printhead. Compaq Computer, Vinson & Elkins L, September 21, 1999: US05955022 (2 worldwide citation)

A page-wide, drop-on-demand type ink jet printhead and an associated method of manufacturing an orifice plate. The orifice plate is comprised of a block of material in which a first portion of the block of material has been removed to define an ink reservoir. Also formed in the orifice plate are a s ...