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An instrument for breaking apart and removal of unwanted material, especially suitable for surgical operations such cataract removal, including a handheld instrument having an operative tip vibrating at a frequency in the ultrasonic range with an amplitude controllable up to several thousandths of a ...

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A flow control system is used in conjunction with a surgical handpiece for the removal of unwanted material in a very small enclosed operative site in which it is very critical to maintain a pressure within a certain range, such as in the surgical operation of the removal of a cataract lens from the ...

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Production of a chemically modified, crosslinkable, telopeptide-containing, naturally crosslinked, solubilized collagen from tissue obtained from a sole human donor, for implanting in the same donor, by chemically modifying the tissue, e.g. by acylation and/or esterification, to form an autoimplanta ...

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The present invention provides a non-biodegradable corneal implant comprising (1) a polymerized transparent collagenous core having acylated amine or esterified carboxyl groups, and (2) a polymerized periphery surrounding the core, the periphery comprising fibrous collagen, e.g., Type I, being in th ...



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An intraocular lens having a lens body having a positioning opening (30) therein adapted to receive the working tip of a surgical instrument used to manipulate the lens for seating in the eye. The opening is in the form of a blind bore, the bottom wall surface of which is masked by being frosted or ...

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A two-piece intraocular lens assembly to be implanted within an eye through a minimum size incision into the eye includes a lens optic (10) and a frame assembly (20). The lens optic is flexible and includes radially directed tabs (16) extending from its peripheral edge. The frame assembly, according ...