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A protection system for a heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) system including one or more of a base, a shield and a deflector. The protection system is generally designed for preventing water and debris from flowing into the HVAC system.

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A network box is described. In one embodiment, the network box comprises multiple card slots. Each of the slots has multiple ports. The network box also includes a full mesh interconnect backplane coupling each of the cards slots to each other using point-to-point serial links. The network box inclu ...

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A method of enhancing the throughput and applicability of NMR-based structure determination of protein-ligand complexes is disclosed. The method circumvents the need for protein sequence-specific resonance assignments and combines NMR data analysis and ligand docking methods into an integrated proce ...

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Disclosed is a multiple switch assembly including first and second push-push switches positioned side by side. The operating member of the first switch carries a shoulder which cooperates with a peg on the second switch operating member so as to move the second switch along with the first switch whe ...

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A method and apparatus for separating selected seeds from unwanted seeds wherein a mixture thereof is fed to a moving inclined surface having a pile with fences disposed above the surface and at an angle to the direction of movement of the surface, the unwanted seeds being carried upwards by the pil ...

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1,105,758. Aerials; radar. MULLARD Ltd. 26 Oct., 1966, No. 47976/66. Headings H4A and H4D. A short range radar system, suitable for mounting on vehicles such as airfield tenders, comprises an aerial system having a narrow main lobe of radiation in azimuth, a continuous wave transmitter, and a receiv ...

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A detent component for use in a detent assembly of the kind capable of latching a linearly movable member in a predetermined position relative to a fixed member includes a mounting piece whereby the component can be secured to either the movable or the fixed member of a pair of relatively linearly m ...

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Lighting apparatus is provided comprising a light source (10), the light source being encapsulated in a protective medium (11) to seal the light source against ingress of moisture, the lighting apparatus having a heat sink (12, 13), the heat sink having a first region (12) in communication with ligh ...

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An electrical switch wherein electrical contacts are carried within a hollow body and an operating member is slidable in the body to operate the contacts. The operating member is in the form of first and second similarly shaped and interengaged parts the interengagement of the parts, permitting limi ...

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This invention relates to systems for transferring data onto a data bus and reading data from a data bus and, more particularly, to such information transfer systems which protect the data bus and prevent the transfer of erroneous information. Said system includes at least one add/drop interface (30 ...