Keith A Kraft: Carbonless paper printable in electrostatic copiers. Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company, Donald M Sell, Walter N Kirn, Gerald F Chernivec, March 6, 1990: US04906605 (9 worldwide citation)

A carbonless copy paper for imaging via electrostatic copiers comprising a paper stock having a basis weight greater than about 18 pounds per ream and containing on at least a portion of a surface thereof a stilt particle-free composition comprising microcapsules, at least 50 volume percent thereof ...

Keith A Kraft: Carbonless paper printable in electrophotographic copiers. Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company, Gary L Griswold, Walter N Kirn, Mark A Litman, January 28, 1992: US05084433 (4 worldwide citation)

A carbonless paper construction for imaging via electrophotographic copiers comprising microcapsules encapsulating solvents of dialkyl esters of aliphatic dibasic organic acids, polyglycol ethers and alkyl ethers of monobasic aromatic acids.

Keith A Kraft: Electrophotographic transfer process for transferring toner image onto carbonless paper. Imation, November 23, 1999: US05991588 (3 worldwide citation)

Carbonless papers manufactured as grain-short paper and wherein the grain direction is parallel to the direction of feed when a toner image is transferred upon in electrophotographic copiers, copier/duplicators, and laser printers results in reduced paper jams, reduced paper curl, and allows the use ...